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About Us

Our Expertise

We architect cutting-edge knowledge of Software, Electronics, Sensors and Information Technology, Safety and Cybersecurity for the needs of your organisation and the development of your technology portfolio.

We support services for Regulatory compliance of complex products and help you to lead an excellent communication with Notified Bodies and Authorities.

Our Philosophy

With more than 25 years of experience and a vast range of business and technical expertise in leading technology markets, we act as a global Engineering and Consultancy Partner to boost Organizational and Product Excellence.


We drive Empowerment of international Engineering Teams in innovation, research and development projects with a high grade of engineering and legal uncertainty.

We accompany your ideas and products from the concept phase to the market launch (SOP) and beyond: re-design of legacy products and technology decommissioning (obsolescence).

Our Values

Durable technology innovation infers from multidisciplinary creativity. We assist you in finding ideas and solutions for your product challenges and new trends in your sector.

We lead co-operation in large-scale Technology and Engineering Programmes with an open communication and fairplay style.

Our success is based upon an outstanding navigation of technology complexity and a polyglot effective communication (English, German, French, Spanish) as a paramount for efficient Innovation Alliances.

Our Experience

25 Years of business and technical experience at Best-in-Class multinational companies and notified bodies in the fields of System and Software Engineering, Innovation, Research and Development, Product Development (Waterfall, Agile, Scrum), Safety, Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance.

Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim

Cross-Industry Excellence Network

We work in close co-operation with a wide multidisciplinary cross-sector network of specialists with a strong background in cutting-edge technologies and practices.

We are a professional member of leading Research Clusters and Organizations and strengthen with an active participation the provision of technology and regularoty expertise.

Dipl.-Ing. M.Sc. Eduardo Rodriguez

Founder & Owner

Dipl.-Ing. Degree in Electronics and Computer Science (Spain)

M.Sc. in Information Technology (Germany)

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration (UK)

University Senior Lecturer (Hochschuldozent) for

Engineering Studies

Certified Project Manager (PMI PMP)

Certified Professional for Software Architecture  (iSAQB CPSA)

Certified IT Security Auditor (IQNet)

Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim Training and Education

University Network

Senior Lecturer (Hochschuldozent)

We maintain excellent relationships to the universities and students of Engineering Studies through our university lectures, mentoring and tuition programmes.

We actively support the knowledge step from the university theory onto industry technology innovation.
(EU Research Framework Programme)

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