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Our Industry Branches

Cross-industry competence in the business strategy, innovation, research and development of cutting-edge Software, Electronics, Sensor and Information Technology, Safety, Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance

Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim Automotive
Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim Training and Education

Portfolio Automotive



Transportation Systems

Portfolio Medical

Medical Devices

In-vitro Devices & Companion Diagnostics

Digital Therapy & Diagnostics

Life Sciences - Healthcare


Portfolio Safety & Security

Regulatory Compliance

Safety Critical Systems

Secure Engineering

IT Security & Cybersecurity

Functional Safety

Data Privacy

Portfolio Training

Executive Training



Our Core Expertise & Services

Defining the pathway to your business and technology excellence

Why Choose Us

25+ Years of  experience in international technology markets EMEA, North and South America, Japan, India, Malaysia and China

Best practices for Innovation Management, System and Software Engineering, Product Development (Waterfall, Agile, Scrum) & Regulatory Compliance

Certified Project Manager (PMI)

Certified Software Architect (iSAQB)

Certified IT Security Auditor (IQNet)

Appointed Expert Opinion & SME

Senior University Lecturer

Excellence Partner Network

Architecting unique products for best-in-class technnology multinational companies in a continous and reliable way

Cutting-edge knowledge of Software, Electronics, Sensor & Information Technology, Safety and Cybersecurity

Ensuring regulatory compliance for safety-critical systems with state-of-the-art knowledge and practices

Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim

Our Fingerprint

Managing with strong confidence Technology Complexity

for international Excellence

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Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim


We Work

We support your organizational change with technology & core processes excellence and international business development

We confer cross-industry cutting-edge knowledge and best practices to your development teams

We define with you the best sort of contract for the needs of your projects and your technology supply chain

We empower your teams with state-of-the-art knowledge, best practices and a learning experience

We drive your Product Innovation & Research Portolio and business-critical contractors vertically (BoM Proxy) and horizontally (Technical Leadership)

We navigate Technology and Market Complexity with strong confidence, excellent Engineering Practices

and specialized ad-hoc services

We are a smart ambassador of customer´s voice in R&D Clusters and Strategy Alliances

We work in close co-operation with multidisciplinary specialist partner networks

We create durable technology and business value

Ingenieurbüro Rodriguez Mannheim
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